July 18th, Leaving the Rockies

By cyndydunning

August 2, 2010

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We woke up (well, I woke up) to the sound of rain on our tent. We had talked about getting up early and breaking camp so we could spot some animals. Sleeping with bears wasn’t enough for Candice; she wanted to photograph one! After a mad dash around in the rain, I crawled back inside my sleeping bag for another hour of sleep.  It had been really cold the night before again and the warm rain was so much more relaxing that the cold frost.  I willed myself to relax and forget about rushing to pack up.  When the rain stopped temporarily, we packed up our damp tent and started touring the park by car.

This park was so different from the others we’d been through.  The traffic was much lighter and the mountains were much steeper.  It was a little stressful driving up and down and around all the tights curves but the views were just “right there” in the window!  We saw a lot of Elk and snow-capped mountains.  RM National Park has its share of road-work, but the view was sure nice while we waited. 

We followed the road to the top of the park, The Alpine Visitor’s Center, or the tundra area. All along the road-side were really tall poles stuck in the ground. We found out later they were put there for snow plows to locate the edge of the road.  I WOULD NOT want to be on that mountain in a snow storm!  The weather that day changed throughout the day.  Rain showers, lightning, rainbows, and clear again.  An hour or so later and the cycle would repeat. 

The gift shop at the top of the Rockies was wonderful. We had lunch while looking over the valley full of Elk. This was the best restaurant view I’ve EVER seen.

We were on our way out of the park and slowed to look for wildlife in the meadow viewing area. I saw a coyote with, what we at first thought at first were baby coyotes. We pulled over and Candice diligently started trying to get pictures. We began to think maybe they weren’t pups after about 10 minutes. It wasn’t till we saw the pictures later that we realized they were Badgers! Very strange! We were thinking maybe the coyote was trying to bother the badgers but thought better when there were two of them. Nature at it’s best.

We left the park and drove to Stratton, Co. We were both so ready to be home after we left the park.  Nothing else was on our list of “want to see” excepted our driveway.  We drove until I couldn’t stand to be in the car anymore and then we crashed in a nice hotel for the night.